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Anna Herza Tydlitátová

Anna Herza Tydlitátová

Country: Czech Republic

Born: 1991

EP 2019


Anna founded Telekinetic during her studies at FAMU in Prague. Her producer’s debut was Menandros & Thaïs, an experimental love story set in Old Greece. Since then she has worked in a number of creative industries: film, TV, festival, rap-music, book publishing and most recently podcast development.

She enjoys spending her work days in writers' rooms, developing stories our century needs to hear, platform independent.

Along with Girls in Film Prague Anna co-founded the $tarving Producers female network. We meet once a month and enjoy a hearty dinner over a discussion about film-making and all that jazz, creating a safe and tasty space for sharing and mutual inspiration.

After work Anna spends her time gardening, hiking and fighting her podcast addiction.

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