Media outcomes & feedback from participants

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Media outcomes & feedback from participants

"Ji.hlava’s Emerging Producers discuss the opportunity that can emerge from crisis."
"The Emerging Producers section at the Ji.hlava Intl. Documentary Film Festival has a growing reputation for its ability to spot the producing talent of the future."
"Emerging Producers named at Jihlava. Nearly 20 rising documentary filmmakers named at the Czech Republic festival."
"The promotional and educational project Emerging Producers is becoming more and more acclaimed and well-known each year."
"After eight editions, the project boasts 147 film professionals as alumni, many of whom have already become established in the film world and have received prizes at major film festivals."



"A nourishing, inspiring and impactful programme...
I believe it has been a really important milestone in my career."

Ed Owles, EP 2024 from the United Kingdom


"Comforting and mind-opening at the same time."

Andrijana Sofranić Šućur, Emerging Producer 2023 from Serbia


“It was great getting to see so many ways of approaching
documentaries in one room.”

Carla Fotea, EP 2022 from Romania


“I have already completed a few international programmes.
Emerging Producers is unique, it takes networking and
exchange to a new level.”

Franziska Sonder, EP 2022 from Switzerland


“I gained a trustworthy co-production partner in almost every
country of Europe thanks to the Emerging Producer program.”

Kristian Van der Heyden, EP 2022 from Belgium


“No stress about pitching your projects, full focus on developing
your skills and network as a producer.”

Niklas Kullström, EP 2021 from Finland


"It’s not easy to find a producing initiative with that kind of deeper, spiritual, existential approach to our work."

Irene Borrego, EP 2020 from Spain


"One of the most interesting programmes I have ever participated in, with a holistic approach to the producer, and tackling important issues of the industry. For anyone looking for potential future partners, friends and like-minded people open to share experiences and new challenges in an informal but hectic environment."

Roberto Cavallini, EP 2020 from Italy


"The EMERGING PRODUCERS programme is a rare and precious space where you can forget your daily worries and concentrate on something we never have enough time for: thinking."

Jean-Baptiste Fribourg, EP 2020 from France


"The EMERGING PRODUCERS programme challenges you to think of yourself and your job as a producer in a new and different way."

Puk Eisenhardt, EP 2020 from Denmark


"Physiotherapy for producers. It was first time when we, producers took time and thought about ourselves. We didn’t think about projects, or directors, but about ourselves."

Tekla Machavariani, EP 2020 from Georgia


"The programme really helped me to better question what I do and to evolve in my work."

Vincent Metzinger, EP 2020 from Belgium


"Thanks to the EMERGING PRODUCERS workshop I am part of a new family. I have met absolutely inspiring and great people and professionals."

Patricia D’Intino, EP 2020 from Hungary


"It’s an opportunity to create a network."

Jitka Kotrlová, EP 2020 from the Czech Republic


"A thoughtfully curated program... Some of us already started discussing potential collaborations by the end of the first session!"

Viki Réka Kiss, EP 2019 from Hungary


"I was expecting a good program, but my expectations were exceeded."

Renata Sancho, EP 2019 from Portugal


"The selection of the fellow participants was amazing, I literally would like to work with each and every one of them."

Milan Stojanović, EP 2018 from Serbia


"I got the chance to think about my own future and what I think is important. It also helped me to present myself to other professionals."

Bas Broertjes, EP 2018 from the Netherlands

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